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Inter-Tabac trade fair, 2013

This year Jware is present at the Inter-Tabac trade fair in Dortmund. Here we will be showcasing our impressive line of pre-rolled paper cones as well as our newest invention, the Patent pending Knockbox Herb Filling System.

We would like to welcome any traders within the industry to come and visit our booth at the Westfalenhallen, Dortmund and be amazed by one of our hourly Knockbox demonstrations.

7 Reasons for saying yes to Jware...

1. The price

Do you still remember what you used to pay in 2001? We do! You always paid too much for your pre-rolled papers. Jware offers you a fair price from the start. Just calculate yourself how much you would save by purchasing your pre-rolled papers with logo print from Jware.

2.The Quality
Jware stands for high quality and aesthetic appeal. This displays itself in our packaging but even more important in our pre-rolled papers. A good example is the superior quality of our glue. Proudly we say we are using the best and least glue.

3. Our expertise
Jware can call on extensive experience in the production of pre-rolled papers. Our product development manager is the founder of the first pre-rolled paper cone production plant in Java in Indonesia.

4. Market liberation
The pre-rolled paper market has been dominated by one firm since 1994, maintaining a monopolistic pricing strategy. Jware is the alternative. Saying yes to Jware is directly cooperating to the liberation of the pre-rolled paper market.

Jware will do their business in a transparent way. This means that our production plant, the production process and our prices, which are the same for everybody, will not be a secret. In the future we will make, where possible, more products from transparent materials, such as our fillblock with mix collector.

6. Our service
Jware will always keep you informed about our product developments and the launching of these products.
We are leaving specialized matters, such as order handling, payments and the delivery of your goods, to specialists in these fields.
Jware product development can be reached by fax or email.
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