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  Damaged goods guarantee:
When packing boxes are visible damage, we ask you to open the box, in front of the courier, and check if the inner boxes also been damaged. A packing box have can be damaged while the inner boxes are still in perfect condition. When the inner boxes, so the goods, are damaged, please return them back to the courier, signing a returned goods receipt.

If your order concern more pack boxes and some of them are damaged, please accept only the non damaged boxes and pay the full amount on your invoice. The damaged goods will be take back by the courier and replaced, free of charge, within 48 hours.

  frame Defective goods guarantee:    
Complaints concerning defect goods should be submitted to our sales division by e-mail or fax within 5 working days after receiving the goods. Our sales staff will contact you within 48 hours to confirm and will do everything to solve the problem to your convenience.

Delivery guarantee.

Pre-paid bank transfer orders.
BGH will guarantees that, after received your payment, all goods will indeed be delivered within the agreed delivery time.
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