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  1. Does Jware also have a line of consumer products?      
      Since recently Jware has a complete line of consumer packaging.      
  2. How is it possible that Jware can offer such competitive prices?      
Because Jware develops, produces and distributes all their products under one roof, we are able to keep the price extremely competitive.
  3. Are there any harmful substances being used during the production process of Jware pre-rolled papers?      
During the entire production process, no harmful substances are used. The paper Jware uses in the production of their pre-rolled papers, is received directly from the manufacturer, who has been producing quality cigarette paper for the commercial market for decades. These papers have been used by many as, “roll your own” paper brands for their king size papers.

Our new and innovative adhesive formula, allows for efficient adhesion, with virtually no taste or odor, using only a fraction of the glue necessary compared to similar products. In browsing the news pages, you will find information and examples, of how to carry out the adhesive smell comparison test for yourself.
  4. How can I be sure that after paying for my ordered goods in advance, they will indeed be delivered?      
BGH (Business Group Holland) is the company that takes care of the sales and delivery of Jware products. BGH has Jware products in storage and guarantee that any ordered goods will be delivered within the agreed date.
  5. Is Jware capable of producing pre-rolled papers with custom measurements & logo branding for me?      
Jware is capable of producing any size of pre-rolled paper. After consultation with our product development team we will put into effect your request for customized measurements & printing if needed.
  6. Is it really true that we can visit the production facility on Bali?      
      Yes this is true. You are most welcome.      
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