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After a journey of research and preparation, Jware proudly presents their impressive line of consumer packaging. We can now supply retailers and wholesalers all over Europe from our logistic warehouse in the Netherlands.

The Jware consumer line was first made available in Denmark. Here it has been a tremendous success. One of the main reasons for great demand from pleasure smokers all around Denmark is Jware’s exclusive solid packaging and use of odourless and harmless glue.

After the Jware success in Denmark we attracted the attention from one of the bigger names in the smoking industry. We are proud and happy to announce our cooperation with RIPS LTD, to take on the UK distribution.


Reefer 3 Pack

Reefer size 3 Pack
The Reefer size is the smallest paper cone in the family. The 3 pack is perfectly suited for smokers with a smaller appetite. A product truly adored amongst the ladies!

Reefer 20 Pack Reefer size 20 Pack
The Reefer size 20 pack accommodates pleasure smokers all around the world with an affordable solution for achieving the ultimate smoking experience all the time.
Kingsize 3 Pack

King size 3 Pack
The King size paper cones is the most popular size for pleasure smokers around the world. With only 3 pieces in this pack it is perfectly suited for those whom want to try the convenience of using pre-rolled’s.

Kingsize 12 Pack King size 12 Pack
Due to the extremely compact yet durable design of this 12 pack the cones are always well protected when traveling. This 12 pack has become highly appreciated by traveling smokers around the globe.
Kingsize 32 Pack King size 32 Pack
The more a pack contains, the cheaper the price per cone will become. This was one of the reasons why we created the 32 pack, an affordable solution for those who have about one smoke a day.
Kingsize 60 Pack King size 60 Pack
This 60 pack King size paper cones, is purely intended for regular smokers who don’t want to go through the hassle of rolling inside out the achieve a similar experience.
Kingsize 100 Pack King size 100 Pack
This "bulk" 100 pack King size was made with efficiency in mind. At a recommended retail price of € 12.50 it is definitely a huge saving compared to anything that has been available until now!
B-52 12 Pack

B-52 size 12 Pack
This beasty pre-rolled delivers a real bomb effect on every puff. This model is becoming a great hit on the Danish market. This twelve B-52 size cones will blow you strait into the sky.

Party 3 Pack

Party size 3 Pack
As the name suggests this model is meant for PARTY! The 3 pack of this model is perfectly suited for a small party at a friend’s house. For the real party animals amongst us we have other models in our assortment.

Party 16 Pack Party size 16 Pack
Having lots of parties? This pack is perfectly suited for the party animals and heavy smokers amongst us. The large top diameter makes this pre-rolled very easy to fill.
Super 3 Pack

Super size 3 Pack
This is the ultimate model to smoke together. At a length of 180 mm this Super sized pre-rolled will save pleasure smokers allot of effort!
Super! That’s all there is left to say…

Mega 2 Pack

Mega size 2 Pack
What better way to steal the show than arriving at your friends place with one of these filled out? When you dare smoke one on your own we hope you are not busy for the next couple of days.

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