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Jware is the brainchild of a former coffee shop owner and entrepreneur who has launched his very own pre-rolled paper production facility on the beautiful tropical island of Bali. His experience dates back to 1994, when he founded the first factory on the island of Java, in Indonesia.

This factory has produced cones for a large number of coffee shop owners since the time of its inception. In 2001 he set up a small scale production factory and then in 2006, worked out a unique joint venture, together with some investors, building a new and completely climate controlled factory, along with an innovative line of products which we consider to be ‘essential gear for smokers’.
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Our flagship brand of pre-rolled papers, have been meticulously designed as a result of extensive experience in the industry, which we are now proud to present to you throughout our product line.

With a strong belief in service and customer satisfaction, Jware welcomes all suggestions from its buyers, in keeping with its motivation to advance the industry with innovative design. Jware has a number of new and exciting products in development, and look forward to the launch of these new lines, in the near future.

Proud of its Bali heritage, the company has an open-door policy and extends an open invitation to all its suppliers and buyers to visit its headquarters, on the beautiful tropical island of Bali.
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